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Terms of Use:

By using this website, you agree to comply with our Terms of Use. These terms outline your responsibilities as a user and provide important information about content ownership, disclaimers, and limitations of liability.

Medical Disclaimer:

The content on this website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider for any medical concerns.

Testimonials and Results Disclaimer:

Testimonials and case studies are based on individual experiences, and results may vary. The results shown are not guaranteed for all users.

Success Rates Disclaimer:

While we strive to provide accurate and reliable information, please note that individual outcomes may vary. Suave Mentoring, LLC’s success rate for clients receiving a disability rating increase from the VA should not be considered a guarantee of specific results for any particular case. The statistics provided are intended to reflect the experiences of Suave Mentoring clients through May 2023, who reported the VA's decision on their rating review claim while utilizing the medical documentation provided by Suave Mentoring’s neutral third-party physicians. These statistics do not encompass the entire range of client outcomes and are not representative of all individuals who engage with our services.

It is important to understand that each disability claim is unique, and numerous factors contribute to the VA's decision-making process. While Suave Mentoring endeavors to provide comprehensive support and accurate medical documentation, the ultimate determination of disability ratings rests with the VA.

 We encourage all individuals seeking disability rating increases to consult with qualified professionals and make informed decisions based on their specific circumstances. The information provided should not be construed as legal or professional advice, and we recommend seeking guidance from appropriate legal and medical professionals when pursuing disability claims.

Please be aware that the use of these statistics does not imply any endorsement or approval by the VA or any other governmental organization. Any statements made regarding success rates or rating increases are solely based on our internal data analysis and should not be interpreted as official endorsements or guarantees. By accessing or utilizing this information, you acknowledge that Suave Mentoring assumes no liability for any reliance placed on these statistics or any consequences that may arise from such reliance. Your individual outcomes may vary, and we strongly advise seeking independent professional advice before making any decisions related to disability claims.

Compliance and Auditing/

Suave Mentoring is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to anti-kickback, anti-bribery, and consumer protection laws.

All Referral Program Members must adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in this document. Any violations of these policies and procedures may result in the immediate termination of the Member's participation in the Referral Program, and Suave Mentoring may take any additional disciplinary actions deemed necessary.

Suave Mentoring‘s Marketing Department is responsible for monitoring and auditing the Referral Program to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Marketing Department will also conduct periodic reviews to assess the effectiveness of the Referral Program and make any necessary updates to ensure continued compliance.

Additionally, Suave Mentoring will maintain detailed records of all Referral Program activity, including Member rewards and Referral discounts. These records will be subject to audit by internal and external auditors, as well as any regulatory or government agencies, as necessary.

If any Member becomes aware of any potential violations of the Referral Program policies and procedures or any applicable laws or regulations, they must immediately report the violation to the Compliance Department for investigation and resolution.

By participating in the Referral Program, Members acknowledge and agree to comply with all policies and procedures outlined in this document and any updates or modifications to these policies and procedures.

Results and Advice:

The following disclaimer applies to your use of the Suave Mentoring website:

Results Not Guaranteed: Suave Mentoring makes no guarantees regarding outcomes. Results, benefits, and potential ratings are not guaranteed and may vary from case to case. Any information provided regarding possible outcomes is based on generalizations from past client experiences and is not specific to any individual patient.

Not Medical or Legal Advice

The staff at Suave Mentoring does not provide medical or legal advice. We are not a law firm and are not qualified to offer medical opinions. The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical or legal advice. Always consult with qualified professionals for personalized advice.

No Provider-Patient Relationship:

The information provided on this website does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. If you have medical concerns, consult a qualified healthcare provider

Provider’s Discretion:

The provider contracted with Suave Mentoring reserves the right to reject or refuse completion of a Veteran’s Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) or Nexus Letter if he/she believes the Veteran is not providing truthful information.

Veteran’s Administration Authority:

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) is the sole agency responsible for making determinations about service-connected disabilities and related benefits. Any discussions or information on this website should not be considered as official determinations by the VA.

No Substitute for VA Decisions:

The information on this website, including discussions about the likelihood of an increase in service-connected disabilities or the consideration of new ratings, is not a substitute for official VA decisions. The VA has the authority to make determinations based on individual cases and circumstances.


By using this website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this disclaimer. This disclaimer is subject to change without notice. It is important to review this disclaimer regularly for any updates.

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