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" Worked for me! I Went through the process and went from 60% to 100% in 3 months! Thanks for the connect Eric!"

-Charles M.


"Thanks E-Man. I went from 70% to 90% and the process was simple."

-Mark S.


"Eric, I can't thank you enough. My wife has been saying for years that I should look into getting an increase because my back had been getting worse. An increase from 60% to 100% Total & Permanent is life changing. Who knew that I could have even been a candidate to increase all of the things that got increased. You're truly a God Send. Thank you."

-Mark B.


"I am living proof for Suave Mentoring's process and assistance with my VA Disability Claim. Believe me! I had a full year of doubt before deciding to trust the process which was smooth and the end result was an increase that is life changing. Trust the process and follow the steps and get what you've earned. Thanks Suave Mentoring."

-Sean S.


"Words don't even begin to surmise how and what I'm feeling right now. A good friend of mine referred me to his brother Eric of Suave Mentoring. We did a phone consultation, and he told me that he could help me get the rating that I rightfully deserve. That was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Suave Mentoring did what they said they'd do. They guided me through every step of the process with minimal difficulty.

I completed the intent to file on June 01, 2021, and on September 19, I had my evaluation with the Doctor. Then I received my completed DBQs back from them on September 02, 2021. Finally, I submitted the required documents to the VA through e-benefits. On September 14, 2021, I received my 100% total and permanent VA disability rating. I can't thank Eric enough for helping me get to 100%! I would recommend their service to every veteran who is seeking assistance with increasing their ratings."

-Dexter C. Army Veteran


"Bro, I did not believe that you could, but you did in 4 months what I've been fighting 16 years to do."

-Ronald H.


"Hello FE Increase, we have an extremely happy Vet as he called in today to let us know he has been increased to 100%! He said he thinks we are the best and greatest. We are an essential asset to our Military Community and loves what we have done for him and other like Vets. He thanks us for our knowledge love and kindness across the board. TY!"

-Client Phone Call Review to REE Medical, Ronald H.


"Brother! I'm so excited. I got the increase to 100%. You mentioned "Life Changing" That's an understatement. I thank you for everything. The process was super easy and words cannot express the feelings that I have right now. Please continue to help everyone who is having a difficult journey with this system!"

-Donald C.


"Thanks again bro. I really appreciate your help with this 100% journey."

-Louis B.


"My experience with Sauve Mentoring, LLC was excellent. My representative Eric Shelton was attentive and on call to answer questions whenever I needed him. The overall process was smooth. I felt well coached and ready for every step in the process. Everything happened in a timely manner and the outcome was exactly what I was told it would be! I really felt as if the medical team and everyone involved had my best interest at heart. I am thoroughly grateful and wish I knew about this route many years ago. I highly recommend the service provided by REE and Suave Mentoring LLC. Thank you,"

-Roger J.


"I'm really thankful that I followed your suggestion to try to get an increase!! Funny how God works. I'm stoked about getting the claim resolved at 100%!!! I really do appreciate your help and confidence."

-Patrick H.


"Mr. Shelton, you helped me and my wife both get our VA Disability rating to 100%. I thank you for the time that you put in. Us both getting to 100% and both being retired from the Army has opened the door for financial freedom. With your help, we are now able to follow our dreams and move to Florida. We cannot thank you enough. Please allow us to treat you and your wife to dinner."

Garry & Yolanda M.


"I made it to 100%. Thank you so much. I do not think that I could have done this without your help."

Chanel R.


You're the man. 100%!!! You're the man! Thank you!

Jeremy D.

"I'm ECSTATIC....and I TOTALLY APPRECIATE YOU and your professionalism during this long, arduous journey......even though I was a tyrant at times.. I'm glad that I trusted you. :) 

Chelle M.


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